Alexandra Elliott
Events Specialist, Marketing Professional, Storyteller

Not only is Ayşe innovative and passionate, but she is also an incredible team player and a true joy to work with.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Ayşe on a variety of projects, including streamlining the communications and marketing calendar as well as strategizing new revenue-generating initiatives, and Ayşe always brings something extraordinary to the table.

What makes her an exceptional colleague is her generosity, her inspirational passion for the work she’s doing, and her commitment to seeking out new trends and techniques to keep her work innovative and in line with best practices. While at Breathe California, she revitalized the company’s image and kept Breathe relevant in a digital world.

From creating inspiring videos to crafting exceptional web, print and social media content, Ayşe can face any challenge and excel. Any company would be lucky to have her on their team!


Carmen Gonzales
Environmental Specialist at Owens Valley Indian Water Commission

Ayse is a skilled communicator and talented media designer. She has an amazing ability to distill a story to highlight and connect key concepts. I have had the pleasure of working with Ayse in a variety of settings in relation so permaculture design and sustainability education. She would be an asset to any project or organization wishing to communicate their message in a concise and conscious way


Lyla June Johnston
Communications Director at New Energy Economy

Ayse Gursoz is, in short, Wonder Woman. Her ability to distill the essence of a dream and bring it into being is uncanny. She quickly identifies the leverage points of a situation and applies them for effective, influential communication. Her every creation is an engine of social change. Whether it is an info-film detailing the pitfalls of the cap-and-trade movement, the design of an organization’s logo and credo, or the creation of a daylong permaculture exposition, her work is consistently outstanding and methodically crafted.

As the founder of a global children’s festival, I came to Ayse asking if she could help create a festival epicenter in Oakland. Within a matter of weeks she gathered her entire network—a team of over 50 people—and created an event on the banks of Lake Merritt that the community will never forget. I am forever grateful to have had her on the international team.

In addition to this, I must say that Ayse is a master of language. I have known her for over two years and we have never had a dull conversation. Each and every time we commune, I leave feeling refreshed, seeing the world in a new way. A bona fide wordsmith, I have seen Ayse leverage language and other means of symbolic communication to engage, inspire and motivate the masses effectively and lovingly.

The true beauty of Ayse’s work, however, is that it is driven by a profound love for all things. In everything I have seen her do, her allegiance to the healing and unification of the human race is wonderfully apparent. Anyone would be lucky to have her grace their organization with her keen mind, her clear speech and unyielding passion and compassion.


Arianna Reisman
Graduate Nursing Student

I had the pleasure of getting to know Ayse while we both worked for the non-profit Whole Earth Festival while attending UC Davis.

She is incredibly hard-working, thorough, and a creative problem solver.
Skilled in many different media forms and eager to share her knowledge, she is an asset to anyone who needs video, audio, or website help. Additionally, Ayse has proven to be a fantastic writer.

Beyond outstanding technical skills, she is able to anticipate conflict and amicably resolve any issues that arise. As Director for the Whole Earth Festival, I was impressed when she reached out to a group on campus that had previously been estranged by our event. Ayse was able to resolve the complex issues involved, build a meaningful relationship with the group, and in the end our event truly benefited from it.

Ayse is truly a pleasure to work with and to know. Her dedication to her work is inspiring, and I would enthusiastically recommend her as an employee or coworker.