Stories change the world —and today’s audiences crave authentic stories.

As a digital storyteller and transmedia communications specialist, I blend journalism, copywriting, and multi-media to develop compelling stories —stories that educate, inspire, and influence. Most recently. my work has been featured in the United Nations COP21, the Guardian, and Indigenous Rising.

With an enterprising spirit, I leverage new and legacy media to communicate your vision and engage audiences. Skilled in both video production, editing, and animation, I’m a “Jill of All Trades,” when it comes to directing independently. I also equally relish dynamic and collaborative settings.

I enjoy learning new skills and staying abreast with best practices for new-media and communications in our fast-changing world.


the toolkit…

Equipment: Canon 5d Mark iii + Canon C100 + Mobile Rig + Lav and Shotgun Mics + 2 Tripods

Software: Final Cut Pro + Pro Tools + After Effects + Adobe Design Suite

Education: UCDAVIS // Technocultural Studies; The Regenerative Design Institute // Permaculture Design Certification

Experience: Here’s the CV