Remembering Freddie Gray, We Visit His Community in Baltimore

Today marks 2 years since tragic death of Freddie Gray.

Earlier this year I traveled with Grassroots Global Justice Alliance on the #PeoplesCaravan from the RNC to the DNC.
Along the way we stopped in Baltimore and visited the community was the home of Freddie Gray.
Alberto Saldamando, a fellow caravan member and human rights lawyers writes:

“Samia Assed, my Palestinian sister and I reflected as we walked. Mr. Conway reminded me of CONTELPRO, the J. Edgar Hoover FBI led prosecution of the Black Panthers and then with the same murder, meanness, cruelty and spite, his persecution of the American Indian Movement and the perjured and rigged conviction of Leonard Peltier, also a political prisoner with decades, generations really, of unjust imprisonment. The neighborhood, with its dilapidated burnt out buildings, and the community in extreme poverty reminded me of many Indian reservations as well as of Palestinian refugee camps in the Occupied Territories.”

Read Alberto’s full blog and my full photo essay here.

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