42 Bee Stings later, her world changed forever.

patricia bees (20 of 1)

Patricia had been suffering from chronic pain. Diagnosed with Endometriosis at a young age, her options for treatment led from dead-end to dead-end.

As a landscape architecture student at UC Berkeley, she became interested in bees. She saw them as magical.

This is when she began beekeeping. She decided to become an advocate for the bees.

But all this time, she was in constant pain from the Endometriosis. And she didn’t want to resort to the prescribed morphine to endure the bad days.

So one day she prayed. She prayed for her pain to go away so that she could be a better advocate for the bees.

That morning, she checked on her bees. This time though, unlike any other time, they swarmed her. They stung her over 40 times.

bee comb (20 of 1)It was excruciating. For the next dozen hours, she was throwing up and letting go of everything. It was like the flu, but 10 times worse. “Should I got to the hospital,” she thought? But remembering her prayer for healing, she decided to have faith that this is how the healing was to come.

Days later, the fever broke. She was back to normal. But not quite.

She had no pain. As the days passed, there was no pain.
Weeks later. No pain. Years later. No pain.

Now Patricia has launched With Honey in the Heart, and BASE Landscape Architecture, and is behind the growing movement in San Francisco to revive vacant lots as vibrant habitats for bees, in what she calls a Pollinator Boulevard. She is also now studying Apitheraphy as well to help others heal with bee medicine.

I am so excited to have this opportunity to share her story! Video coming soon. Thanks Andrew Sundling for connecting us.

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