We need a #JustTransition!

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“We need a just transition to be able to move from these dirty [fossil fuel] economies to a clean one. It’s a process that we’ve been involved in for many years, bringing together communities to be able to share their stories and realize—they’re not against each other. It’s not jobs versus the environment. It’s jobs, AND, the environment. And we can work together to develop policies and projects, in which we test that. Where workers, if they’re going to be displaced and lose their jobs due to a closure – we have a right to demand that the state provide compensation for them to be able to learn new kinds of [renewable energy-related] work.” -Pam Tau Lee

Today I had the great honor of interviewing Pam Tau Lee, who was a part of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance’s It Takes Roots, COP21 delegation to Paris. She has been working with labor, community, and environmental justice groups for over 25 years, and is the founder of Asian Pacific Island Environmental Justice Network (APEN). The interview is to be a part of a COP21 wrap-up video I’m working on for Grassroots Global Justice.

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